I help companies and organizations to solve their problems through data analysis. I like to do a careful and very organized work so that my solutions stand out.

I have a broad experience in the Big Data ecosystem (Spark, Hive, Impala, Flume...) and in the Machine Learning one (Tensorflow, OpenCV, Scikit-Learn...). I am the AWS DeepRacer Spanish League winner, where I developed an autonomous driven car model using Reinforcement Learning.

In 2019 I started my own company, a Data Science consultancy called WhiteBoxᴹᴸ.

Selected Experience

Engineering Lead & Managing Partner at WhiteBoxᴹᴸ
October 2019 - Present

This is my consulting firm, in which I develop Artificial Intelligence projects as a service. You can review the portfolio here.

Senior Data Scientist at Pragsis Bidoop
April 2018 - October 2019


  • Design and development of different architectures in Spark on Scala and Python
  • Development and productivization of electrical power prediction models in wind mill farms: LightGBM, Airflow
  • Implementation of ML algorithms: Tensorflow, scikit-learn, Spark MLIB…
  • Python toolkit for data science: pandas, matplotlib, plotly, numpy…
  • WiFi tracking analysis to create people movement maps: scapy
  • Computer vision analysis: edge TPU, tflite, openCV


  • Improvement of 10 points in the electrical power prediction of wind mill farms
  • Reduction of Spark computation times in processing chains: from days (or not finishing at all) to few minutes
  • Live tracking of people in buses with WiFi sniffing techniques
  • Live tracking of people on street with computer vision techniques and adaptation to hardware requirements (edge TPU)

Lead Teacher at Ironhack
July 2019 - Present

Lead Teacher in one of the best Data Science schools worldwide, combining both theoretical and technical stack to build the future generation of Data Scientists. My most important asset is my link and experience with the Real World as I don’t spend more of 50 % of my time in academia.


DeepRacer Winner by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Machine Learning competition organized by AWS which consisted in developing a Reinforcement Learning model for an autonomous driven car.

Excellent Performance by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Prize awarded to the highest marks (5% of students) in Aerospace Engineering. We visited the Airbus factory in Getafe and played with the Eurofighter simulator.